Located in Cork, Ireland, Libra Coaching & Training brings the science of Mindfulness, Resilience and Wellbeing to individuals and organisations. 
Located in Cork, Ireland, Libra Coaching & Training brings the science of Mindfulness, Resilience and Wellbeing to individuals and organisations. 
Build Flourishing teams
Our Resilience and Wellbeing Masterclasses and our Positive Leadership programme are filled with the latest findings in Neuroscience, Positive Psychology and Emotional Intelligence. We teach focus, wellbeing and self- awareness to create happier and more energised workplaces.
Mindfulness made easy 
Press pause, find calm and integrate mindfulness to work and life. We are committed to providing the highest quality Mindfulness courses. We support our clients to find a pause in their life……..
The latest coaching techniques
Informed by positive psychology and the science of wellbeing and motivation,we have coached hundreds of Clients over the past decade to set a small amount of time aside to reap big rewards and to become less busy, more focused and have time for what really matters most in life.
Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.
-Thomas Merton

Learn more and increase your wellbeing.

About Us 

Established in 2004, our mission is to make a difference to wellbeing and resilience quickly and sustainably. We make mindfulness accessible at work and in life and use coaching to help people build their optimism, efficacy, develop more meaningful relationships and use stress to their advantage.
Brenda Roche
Brenda takes pride in tailoring her training for each unique audience. She is especially passionate about bring mindfulness and wellbeing to groups and individyals has been privileged to see the impact this has had on them. As well as her corporate training work, Brenda has maintained a counselling and coaching practice for the past 20 years has coached to CEO level.
She has a love of learning and ensures that there is science and knowledge behind her approach, including her masters in positive psychology, her teacher training in mindfulness and accreditations in both strengths- based approaches and EQi.
Brenda has always loved her work from her early nursing days, in general and cancer care in Ireland and the US. This progressed to her interest in occupational health and safety where she worked for 9 years, specialising in mental agility in the workplace. She has enjoyed travelling to the US, Singapore, South Africa and Europe to deliver masterclasses in resilience, strengths- based team work and wellbeing. She was a frequent positive psychology specialist guest on the RTE Today show. She is also a member of the Action For Happiness, Cork steering team, a charity that helps people take action for a happier and more caring world
Julie McCall
Julie is passionate about making a difference in people’s lives. She loves helping people flourish and be excited about their future. She is a trained Coach and has a Masters in Positive Psychology and lectures on the Masters in Coaching Psychology in UCC.. Julie is an accredited strengths practitioner and has coached to CEO leve. Her work has taken her to the US, Singapore, South Africa and Europe. She has also been a guest wellbeing expert on the RTE Today show.
Giving back is really important to Julie and she has raised many thousands of Euros for charities close to her heart.

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