Why coaching?

We provide coaching that is routed in science and our focus is on results. We have been coaching to CEO level for the past 14 years and are highly experienced. We specialise in coaching for life balance and wellbeing and use cutting edge Positive Psychology tools, Neuroscience and Mindfulness research to help people to prioritise and attain goals.
Coaching is ‘the art of facilitating the learning, development and performance of another’ 
- (Downey, 1999)
  • Coaching can improve goal attainment and enhance psychological wellbeing
  • Coaching outcomes include: improved leadership styles, time management, conflict resolution, delegation, improved sales and performance
Who is this for?
  • Anyone who would like to be less busy and have more time for what really matters in life.
  • For those who are willing to set a small amount of time aside to reap big rewards such as improved relationships, outputs at work, self confidence and efficacy.
  • People who want to re invigorate their lives, change course or set some stretch goals and commit to them
We are specialists in Emotional Intelligence assessment and coaching and are EQi accredited.
We also are accredited Strengths Practitioners with Capp & Co Ltd allowing us to get the best from the people we work with by maximising their strengths, and preventing burnout
Research by the International Coaching Federation suggests that over 96 % of companies and individuals who hire a coach are satisfied or very satisfied with the process and would do it again. 70 % have improved work performance and 80 % of individuals have improved self- confidence and 72% improved communication skills.

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