Mindfulness Courses


We are committed to providing to providing the highest quality, courses in Mindfulness. It is our intention to support others to find a pause in their life and learn skills towards mindfulness and wellbeing. Through personal experiencing of mindfulness, participants learn how to connect more fully to their life and help overcome symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression or simple to feel a sense of calm.
Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Attention
  • Relate calmly to stress using simple strategies.
  • Notice the working of the mind and learn how deal with unhelpful habits
  • Train attention and focus to feel connected to what matters most in life
  • Accept ourselves as we are without constant judgement
  • Enjoy moments of pleasure in life without overthinking
  • Be skilled at exercising good choices that give meaning to life

Mindfulness in the workplace

With the speed of life and constant demands on our time, our attention is often severely compromised. Stress management and focus can be greatly enhanced with the use of mindfulness at work. Brenda has been running workplace mindfulness courses in Organisations for several years and has developed courses that are specific to a work environment, no candles or crossed legs just skills that improve focus and attention and aid a sense of calm. These short practices help lead to:
  • Less multitasking, more focused attention,
  • Increased concentration throughout the day
  • Better stress management and resilience- faster recovery from adversity
  • More presence in meetings and 1 to 1 s.
  • Increased ability to prioritise and overcome the urgency addiction so common at work

Brenda also runs regular Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and Mindfulness-Based Stress reduction courses for the public

New 8 week courses start:

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy with Stress reduction

Starts Wednesday evening April 11th 2019

Friday Mornings starting the 21st of September, evening classes also due in the Autumn

Cost €295 including 1 full day retreat, a mindfulness book and all materials

Introduction to Mindfulness half day

Crosshaven Sat 22nd September from 10 to 1pm
Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Attention

A 4 week online course - Mindfulness for enhancing wellbeing and attention.
These small mindfulness learning groups are run online with between 4 –6 participants. Every week you will be introduced to mindfulness skills and practices for enhancing wellbeing and dealing with stress in life. If you have a group of friends or colleagues who may be interested, contact me for more details.

1 to 1 mindfulness coaching for resilience and balance in life

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