Online Interactive Masterclasses

Positive Leadership

For busy managers who wish to achieve their full potential and deliver the best performance for themselves and for their companies.
This innovative interactive programme is based on the latest science of engagement and motivation and equips participants with the skills and knowledge in four proven areas of Positive Leadership:
  • Coaching skills
  • Mindfulness training
  • Emotional intelligence competencies
  • Positive psychology theory and techniques.
With a focus on practices from the field of positive psychology including, strengths identification and development, positive focus, and the keys to positive relationships, at the end of the programme, your leaders will have the cutting edge skills they need to:
  • Develop a positive approach that motivates teams and triples engagement
  • Develop a coaching style of communication and leadership and hold excellent coaching conversations
  • Manage teams more effectively – move from ‘telling them’ to ‘asking them’, thereby helping them to find their own solution
  • Train their attention and be fully present as well as how to calm the mind through simple mindfulness practices in the workplace
  • Improve emotional intelligence, including, self-awareness and self-regulation

Masterclasses for all employees

3 Steps to wellbeing

Wellbeing is your ability to feel good and function effectively. Over 40% of our wellbeing comes from our behaviours and actions. Learn evidence- based wellbeing strategies that can be applied immediately.

Building Resilience in an uncertain world

This covers 4 core skills of all resilient people. learn to: reframe stress, making it your friend not foe. Relate when under pressure in ways that enhance your physical and mental health. Respond well to life’s challenges and recharge quickly with short stress busters.

Positive connections, live and online

World experts in relationship have found strategies to enhance remote and face to face relationships. The quality of our relationships impacts our wellbeing. Learn 4 strategies that lead to high quality relationships.

Control your attention and focus and become indistractable

Buy back time for what really matters in life by using the science of attention and learn how to use pause points to become aware of thought, emotions, and actions. Practice simple meditations that can be done at the desk in minutes. Move towards what you want and away from distractions.

Enhancing emotional intelligence - a key to a better life

Our behaviours are impacted by our emotions, research has found that emotional intelligence is a more important predictor of success in life than IQ. Learn to: understand and manage your own emotions and deal with the impact of other people’s emotions effectively. Discover also how to strengthen emotional regulation and respond to emotionally charged situations with skill.

The Science behind adapting small habits for positive change

All change involves forming new habits or eliminating old ones. Learn the science to making tiny habits stick leading to big changes. Learn what works and what sets us up for failure when it comes to behavioural change. Also learn how to wire new habits and help them become automatic.

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